I am Raymond Wong, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University. Before joining ISU, I obtained my Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics at UC Davis. I work on statistical problems with modern data complications such as big data, high dimensionality and manifold structures.

Current Teaching

  • Spring - Stat 330: Probability & Statistics for Computer Science and Engineering
  • Spring - Stat 580: Statistical Computing (graduate level)

Recent Publications

  • (2017) "A Frequentist Approach to Computer Model Calibration". Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 79(2), 635-648.
    Abstract Journal arXiv Supplement Code
  • (2016) "Fiber Direction Estimation, Smoothing and Tracking in Diffusion MRI (with Discussions)". The Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(3), 1137-1156.
    Abstract Journal arXiv PDF Supplement
  • (2016) "Detecting Abrupt Changes in the Spectra of High-energy Astrophysical Sources". The Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(2), 1107-1134.
    Abstract Journal arXiv PDF Code
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